Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Paper art retail props

First things first, my apologies for the long wait for a new post around here. The first few month of 2013 have been going really well for us here in Snow HQ, which is brilliant, but leave little time for the fun things that make it into blog posts.

This little project has been really fun. I wanted to make some retail props for the letter rack and pencil pot from The Woodlands range. I could have just used real envelopes and pencils, but where's the creativity in that?

First I worked on a few paper pencils. These are made up of a piece of 4mm ply in the shape of the pencil and then thin strips of paper hand-glued to the ply in various colours. I'm pretty happy with how they worked out. I just used some scrap paper from around the studio, I think more could be done creating the illustion of 3D object with better tonal choices. Next time I get an afternoon to myself I hope to experiment a bit more with this technique.

The envelopes are very simple pieces of .6mm brown card with branded snail-mail stamps. A very quick piece but hopefully effective. They are also quite sturdy which will really give them an edge over real envelopes when used as retail props.

These pieces are going straight to the Design Corner shop in Dun Laoghaire this afternoon. The Woodlands range has made its debut in the shop and the response has been really great.

To see the full woodlands range you can check them out on our online store here (scroll to the end of the page)

To find out more about the Design Corner in Dun Laoghaire you can check out their Facebook page here

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