Saturday, July 16, 2011


I was asked to make a moroccan themed centerpiece/object for a photo shoot. I came up with the idea for these lamps after messing around with patterns that can be created by overlapping shapes.

These took quite a while to make, the CAD files were done pretty quickly but once they were cut out there were hundreds of tiny colourful pieces of paper to carefully remove.

I had originally planned on these being lampshades to be put on any lamp base, but once they were made I much preferred them as these independent cubes that you can do what you like with. They are lit up with LED packs so there is no risk of fire either!

They are a little hard to photograph because of the light, one of these days I'll do it properly, but for now these photos give a pretty good idea of them.

Happy Mike Day

Another gift for Mike, another excuse to spend a day making things!

Starting with a simple candle design I decided to make 28 paper candles to adorn his gifts (what with him turning 28 and all). I went with 7 different colours and printed them on matte photo paper, so they have a bit of rigidity but the folds don't fray or break like a thicker/coated card would. I just folded them into little three sided pieces and tucked them in with a flap.

I decided not to glue them so that they are easy to store and can be used again.

I'm fairly certain that the "font in the shape of a flame" has been done many times before, but it made for some fun presentation anyway.

One of his gifts was a few choice beers, which are really boring things to gift wrap, so I made them a folio/box. It is open on either end so each beer was wrapped in a piece of kraft paper to hide their true identity.

Screen Printin'

Well, first of all it has been far too long since i posted. The end of the academic year + going on a 3 week vacation made about 6 weeks fly by.

I have been promising Mike this t-shirt for almost two years. After making my own screen last week from a cheap canvas frame and some silk I decided to put it to some use today. I used adhesive vinyl as the mask, which isn't great because of the thickness of it, but it fantastic because you don't need to worry about adhesion.

I'm pretty happy with the results. I can see lots of screen printed Christmas presents in the pipeline this year.