Wednesday, June 5, 2013

World Barista Championship Props

As Colin Harmon recently prepared for the WBC in Melbourne I was working on a few props for him to use in his routine.

We make lots of bits and pieces for 3FE and it is always fun because what we are asked to do is so diverse (it also involves having to go to 3FE for essential meetings/brainstorming/deliveries which means I just HAVE to get a coffee while there)

This project was the most diverse yet, it involved a variety of pieces and parts. The core piece were serving boxes made in wood with acrylic lids. These served as both the table setting and an interactive frame.

I also made some blank, custom-sized beer boxes. These came in two sizes, one for beer bottles that would hold Colin's signature drink, as well as a mini size to hold some mini glass serving jugs.

On top of the beer bottles were red lids that had a coffee bean engraved in them. This was a bit of an experiment and worked out really well. Customised beer bottle caps could be a great memento for special occasions.

Engraved on the boxes and stuck on the beer bottles were a range of very cute and very appropriate icons designed by Shane Kenna. These told the story of the coffee beans Colin was using in his presentation. They were laser-engraved into the sliding lids and I applied them to the beer bottles using my trusty old vinyl cutter and a steady hand.

I wanted to give Colin and Pete a small memento of the trip to wish them well so I ran up a coupe of personalised soft-cover Moleskine notebooks for them. Shane's logos look great engraved on the front and I love any chance to engrave notebooks.

Colin did an amazing job and placed 4th returning to Dublin with yet another World Trophy to sit on the shelves of 3FE.

For more information about the very talented Shane Kenna, click here

Below you can see some photos of all of the elements as well as some screen grabs of Colin and the props in action in Melbourne.

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