Sunday, September 11, 2011


I made these quickly for the market research event and I will use them when I do fairs as well. These were a surprise hit with people and as a result I am going to develop some more tags in this range to use as gift tags. There are a lot of simple shapes that would be really effective on these.

More mini houses

These have been on here before but I have a better picture of them now. These were possibly the most popular item at my market research event. I was delighted with the reaction, as a result I will be doing a few more designs in this range, a church, a shop and maybe a little crib.

Chrismas cards and Decorations

Another little preview of the Christmas stuff I have in the pipeline.

The cards are designs that I have had done for a few years, the same as the tags. I will be doing more cards and tags in a completely different style over the coming weeks.

The stars and snowflakes are also going to be done in a few different colours and sizes.

Baby frame

This uses the same bear design from my baby announcement cards but instead of cutting it out of paper I have scored it onto a magnetic acrylic photo frame.

I need to take some better photos of it (avoiding the reflections in the acrylic is difficult), but this is a little preview.

Luggage tag and business card holder

These two are quite utilitarian and simple but make a great gift for all kinds of people.

They are both personalised, one is an aluminium business card case and the other is a leather luggage tag. The luggage tag can also come in a smaller version for a laptop bag. The business card case in this example is my own one, they can be personalised to say whatever you want and can also incorporate a logo.

(Note: the luggage tag is a prototype, the edges will be much nicer on the finished article.)


A few more notebook designs.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Personalised Book

Things have been a little quiet around here because I have been really busy with jobs (happy days!). I did some cool stuff last week and I will do my best to get it up here in a few days.

For now I have pictures of a notebook requested as a gift. The laser can be fantastically subtle with some effects and this looked really nice when it was done. The snowflake on the back was a great addition at the request of the clients.