Monday, April 29, 2013

Thank you cards

So last year I made all those mini Smock Alley models, well they were actually wedding invitations. The couple, Eddie and Leisha, came to me with a fantastically open brief and from that they ended up with wedding invitations/christmas decorations for their December wedding - they got married in Smock Alley. (you can check out that blog post again here

In the new year Eddie and Leisha got back in touch with me, this time with the mission of creating Thank You cards for the wedding. The first time around one of my ideas had been to to a tri-fold card featuring them and their dog. The mini models seemed much more special for the actual invites, but the thank yous seemed like a great time to work out the tri-fold.

In the card you can see the two of them cycling (on their much-loved bikes) trailing their Thank You message with them.

This was a great chance to push the technique used in the Santa's Visit and Woodlands cards another step further. Because this was a limited run I was able to put a lot more fine detail into the card - like the frame of the bikes. Normally I have to bulk things up just to make sure we don't have too much waste and too much finishing to do on big production runs.

These kind of personalised jobs are so rewarding to do, and having clients come to you and trust you to make something so important is always a real honour.

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