Monday, January 21, 2013

Wedding invites

I fairly frequently get asked about wedding invites but there tend to be a couple of issues:

- Style. Mine isn't a stereotypically "wedding-ing" style, and I'm not going to try and force my style to be something it isn't.

- Cost. Laser cutting is expensive, and doesn't scale very well. I try very hard to keep my costs fair and reasonable for my clients, but a multi-layered, personalised, fancy-looking wedding invitation can quickly spiral out of control.

Having said that I have done a few really great wedding jobs recently here are a few process photos of one in particular. For this Sarah was very open to suggestions, she had a few examples of laser-cut invites that she really liked and a few leads for me in terms of colour and theme.

I'll follow up next week with some photos of the final product, but these photos show the beginning.

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