Monday, January 21, 2013

Wedding invites

I fairly frequently get asked about wedding invites but there tend to be a couple of issues:

- Style. Mine isn't a stereotypically "wedding-ing" style, and I'm not going to try and force my style to be something it isn't.

- Cost. Laser cutting is expensive, and doesn't scale very well. I try very hard to keep my costs fair and reasonable for my clients, but a multi-layered, personalised, fancy-looking wedding invitation can quickly spiral out of control.

Having said that I have done a few really great wedding jobs recently here are a few process photos of one in particular. For this Sarah was very open to suggestions, she had a few examples of laser-cut invites that she really liked and a few leads for me in terms of colour and theme.

I'll follow up next week with some photos of the final product, but these photos show the beginning.

Slate turning into glass!

Mike was doing some high-powered slate tests today and with the power really high we got this amazing result. The slate turned into glass! That's how hot the laser burns. Unfortunately the glass just chips off, but still, amazing result!

Stained Plywood

Here we have some plywood necklace and earring display stands, sanded and stained. We have stained wood for laser cutting before, but never on pieces as large as these necklace stands. For a while I was convinced I had ruined 6 pieces of plywood, but lucky for me they looked better once the stain had dried. After we cut them we added simple collapsable stands to the back.
The stands are currently showing off the jewelry of Judith Ritchie at Showcase Ireland.
See Judith's work at
Showcase is on at the RDS in Dublin until the 23rd of January.