Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Photo frames

These are a great new addition to our range. Photo frames that are nice and simple, just two pieces of acrylic and alder wood supports to hold them together and to help them stand.

They have gone down really well with everyone who has seen them so far!

Heart rings

These rings are cut in alder wood with a reflective polyester red film for the heart. They were originally conceived as cardboard rings, but the cardboard wasn't sturdy enough so we gave the wood a try and they turned out really well. They are nice and light but will last longer than just a day!

Heart Lights

Continuing the valentines theme I have done a version of the mini lights but this time square and even smaller than before, perfect for the dinner table.

My favourite part of these is boxes. They were very fun to design and make and when the lights are inside they look like little robots ready to shuffle around.

Valetines - 3D heart

Well my mission to spend January designing was slightly curtailed by being super buss with customers requests. I did get around to making a nice little range of valentines items though. These were all delivered to Designist today!

First there is a simple acrylic 3D heart:

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fabric and Leather shapes

Another little fabric cutting project. This time for Shine Jewelry .
Hundreds of silk, velvet, felt, and leather shapes Ahoy!

Jewelry Display Collection

We are very proud of a project we completed this week, designing and making a range of display objects for jewelry.
These were all made for Fado and Iconic Ireland who make jewelry here in Ireland and sell it locally and around the world. I hear they even have some stuff in a store back in good old Naperville Illinois.

Both complete ranges.

Nice stand for displaying necklaces and the like, with a fancy acrylic base. The green lettering is done in vinyl.

This display board comes apart in two pieces. The back piece slots right into the base, good and simple. The logo on all the Fado pieces is scored on with the laser.

Ring display boxes.

Bangle box, just a lager version of the ring display.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Card Designs

Here are a few Valentines Day card prototypes.
There is the Heart Bunting, Heart Flowers, and aHeart Shamrock! (Gra means love in Irish, if you were wondering)
Let us know what which is your favorite.

iPod engraving

For my brothers coming birthday (this is Mike by the way) I decided to give him my old iPod touch. I figured this was a great opportunity to try out our new Cermark paste, which allows us to engrave on reflective steel.

The result was a lot better than I expected. It came out great and soon we should be able to add this to our list of services. I just need to try it out on my new scratch free ipod now and get some better photos to put on the website.

Oh that is a Jolteon, an electric Pokemon, if you were wondering.